10 Best Things to Do in Greece

Some of the best things to do in Greece can be enjoyed during the low or shoulder seasons, too; but to get the best experience you may want to visit during the peak tourist season (July & August). The Greek islands are crowded, the prices are quite high but the atmosphere is electrifying.

Should season – June and September – might be a good choice if you care about your budget but there’s something magical about Greece when every tourist seems to have flocked here.

If you don’t have too much time to spend exploring Greece, here are some ideas to get you started and make sure you put on your to-do-list at last couple of these best things to here.

1. Spend time on a beach

No matter what island you head to, there are always some beaches to check out. Even if you stay on the mainland there are places to soak up the sun. For those on a low budget, the Halkidiki area is a lovely choice – double rooms can be as cheap as €44 euros/night even in August. And the beach is right at your feet.

If you prefer Mykonos , there are plenty of beaches to choose from: party beaches, family beaches, nude beaches, etc. If you prefer Corfu , there are some lovely secluded beaches to check out.

Or you can check out some of the beaches on these secret Greek islands .

2. Watch the sunrise in Santorini

Santorini is known as the place to watch the most beautiful sunrises in Greece (if not in Europe). The views offered by the volcano ridge are just breathtaking: white washed houses sprinkled with the sun rays.

3. Visit the Acropolis of Athens

The Acropolis is the most important landmark in Greece. Allow for at least one day here. If you can, plan to view the sunset from the rock. It’s a magnificent sight.

4. Visit the New Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis Museum has recently opened and is one of the museums you should considering visiting while in Athens.

5. Visit the Palace of Knossos in Crete

The Palace of Knossos is indeed a place you shouldn’t miss visiting. Try to avoid the heat so plan to arrive early in the morning. It’s advisable to have at least a guide book with the information needed because you don’t want to get lost here. Currently 800 of the 1300 rooms can be visited.

6. Visit the Old Town in Rhodes

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is one of the most impressive sites to visit during your vacation. Plan to spend couple of hours here and try to avoid the heat. Probably the most interesting part of the town is the Street of Knights, a medieval road fully restored to its former glory.

7. Spend a day at Aqualand Waterpark in Corfu

It’s one of the best water parks in Europe. You’ll surely keep your kids (and yourself) occupied. There are a lot of activities and slides to check out.

8. Watch the sunset at Agios Georgios Castle in Kefalonia

Agios Georgios was the capital of Kefalonia until the 17th century. The fortress dates from the Byzantine times in the 12th century but the Venetians completed it. There is little information about the castle but the views are surely worth a visit. Plan to watch the sunset here for an incredible experience.

9. Dance the night away in Mykonos

Mykonos is known to have some of the best nightclubs in Greece and many tourists flock here especially for the animated nightlife . You can choose among the popular clubs, such as Cavo Paradiso or you can listen to Greek music in a secluded taverna.

10. Sail or take a ferry between the Greek islands

Sailing is one of the most romantic ways to explore the Greek islands. If you cannot afford to rent a yacht or book a cruise, then you can book ferry rides between the islands. Those don’t break the budget and are a great way to make some friends along the way.

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    Such as what islands would you visit if you could? How many days do you want to spend in Greece? Do you want to travel by ferry? etc.

    I can fwd your Italy questions to Jessica btw.

  2. Hi Jessica!
    I have JUST started trying to plan a family trip in celebration of our son’s graduation – he wants to go to Italy AND Greece and we realistically only have 14-16 days … ALL of your articles are just great, but this is hugely overwhelming!
    Any suggestions for an itinerary that will be good for a Mom and Dad and 23 year year old? Don’t think we really are organized tour kinds of people …
    We will have to travel in May as he only has a 30 day window between graduation and OCS in Newport, RI.
    Thanks for any assistance you might provide

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